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About Us

Panache Telematics division of Panache Digilife Ltd. Is established to become a part of the global technological forefront and a key player in the GPS Hardware and Software Application development. Our team consists of experienced professional’s in the fields of GIS, GPS, Software Development, IT infrastructure, electronics hardware design.

Panache Telematics Asset tracking offers a unique set of solutions that are designed to provide tracking, execution, management and monitoring of movable assets remotely. We provide GPS/GPRS based Solutions for Vehicle Tracking, BPO, Schools, Fleet Taxis, Personal Tracking, OBD solution to Garage and Vehicle Insurance Co. Logistics & Transportation..........

At Panache Telematics Solutions are built for stability in extreme conditions. The company uses configurable business rules as per needs and desires of client’s requirement. We combine business domain knowledge with technology competence using proven methodologies to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions to maximize your productivity.

About Panache Digilife Ltd.

Panache Digilife was established in 1993 and today ranks among the world's largest computer systems companies. Vardhaman has grown to become one of the most respected & professional one stop computer systems specialists. Panache Digilife pioneered the concepts of procuring, manufacturing & Marketing White Boxes; offering build-to-order computer systems; and providing direct, toll-free technical support and next-day, on-site service. The company designs and customizes products and services to end-user requirements, and offers an extensive selection of peripherals and software.

Panache Digilife's complete range of high-performance computer systems include: Thin Clients, Small Form Factor PC, AIO PC, Desktop PC, NUC PC, Digital Signage, POS and GPS (SOS with Vehicle Tracking System). The company's products and services are sold in multiple countries and territories to customers extending from major corporations, government agencies and medical and educational institutions to small businesses and individuals. Headquarters are located in Mumbai, India with manufacturing facilities in Daman.

Easy setup

Solutions compitable with new communication technologies such as 3G, 4G..


Exception base reporting including automatic Alerts and Emails. Alerts / Violations with SMS & Email facilities

Ease Access

User-Friendly Tracking Solutions and Real Time Tracking. Two way voice communication facility within vehicle

Dedicated support

24/7 Telephonic Support.


Learn more about this feature packed App

User Friendly

User friendly Tracking solutions.

Dash Board

Dash Board for decision makers.

Exception base reporting

Exception base reporting including automatic Alerts and Emails.

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking.

Unique Panic solution

Unique Panic solution for Passenger & Drivers.

Automatic call answer

Automatic call answer in Panic situation.


SAP & ERP integration.

Immobilizer (AntiTheft)

Immobilizer (Anti theft), Door, Ac On/Off, Ignition On/Off, Fuel Pilferage, Temperature, Over Speeding Sensor.


MIS & Consolidated report on Email.

Geo-Coding features

Geo-Coding features with POI, Geo-Fencing in various norms such as Circular, Polygon, Road buffer.

Who Are We?

  • A 14 Year Young Company
  • ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Company
  • CRISIL SE-1B Rated Company for last 4Years
  • Excellence in Embedded System Design, Manufacturing, Service
  • Intel Platinum Partner
  • Microsoft OEM /Embedded SYSTEM BUILDER PARTNER
  • C.S.T. Exempted Zone for manufacturing
  • Microsoft OEM Named Account
  • Factory – Daman
  • Capacity – 500,000 U.P.A.
  • Anti-Static environment for assembly
  • Air-conditioned assembly area
  • Permanent SSI registration
  • C.S.T. exempted against Form ‘C’ till 2017 (0%)
  • Logistics
  • Uninterrupted Electricity supply
  • Other ecosystem resources
  • Proximity to port (JNPT – 170 Kms)
  • Complying to all statutory requirements.



GPS Vehicle Tracking with SOS Emergency on Road Assist

Taking in to consideration current situation during travel in Mumbai City Panache Telematics offers unique solution to Esteem Citizens of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to track their Vehicle with SOS emergency on Road Assistance. Customer can track their vehicles moving across Mumbai. The different reports available are Distance Traveled, Speed limit violation, Panic key press event etc. The solution offered will work on GPRS backbones.

All that Customer needs to do is:

  1. Place order for Vehicle Mount Units bundled with one year web access.

Customer Can :

  • Track their vehicle in real time.
  • Play vehicle travel path for last 45 days.
  • Get SMS for over speeding ( speed over 100 Km/hr. for more than 3 min continuously)

CANBus / OBD Garage and Insurance Applications

CAN-Bus (Controlled Area Network Bus) is a communication system that allows the various electrical components in a modern vehicle to share data. A modern car may have around 70 electronic control units (ECUs). Typically the biggest processor is the engine control module while others are used for transmission, airbags, anti-lock braking/ABS, electric power steering, audio systems, windows, doors, and more. A CAN-Bus system allows all of these different components to communicate with each other control other parts and receive feedback from sensors. CAN-Bus operating systems are now common in new vehicles, includes most of the major car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Nissan, Honda and Toyota.

Benefits of CANbus devices :

At Panache Telematics we provide web services that will run reports which will in turn help you to make full use of CANBus, vehicle data and diagnose signals. We demonstrate how to interpret this data, build measurement systems and integrate the system into your fleet management application. We can develop a customized solution that you just have to 'plug and play'.

Benefits to Your business :

  • CANBus linked with GPS to track a vehicle and to ensure it only works where it has been allocated.
  • CANBus brings several systems working together, e.g. information logging, statistics, servicing reports etc.
  • Fast and low cost servicing and backup.
  • The reporting system will highlight exceptions and send error messages which can be used to diagnosis and preventive maintenance can be carried out saving cost of servicing.
  • In the event of misuse the process will be stopped and logged, and an error message will be sent out.
  • Recording of key events, such as engine temperature, fuel consumption. This can be used as a tool to educate drivers and reduce your fuel consumptions and servicing bills.
  • Reporting of key information, such as service indication, allows planning of fleet usage. Service requirements can be logged into the service calendars and these events can be planned for.
  • Projection of vehicle usage and replacement dates.
  • Reporting of: fuel used, fuel level, engine rpm, total engine hours, total mileage, service distance, engine coolant temperature etc.
  • Harsh braking
  • Speed – average trip speed, time spent in speed bands
  • Excessive RPM
  • Fuel consumption
  • Distance – odometer reading
  • Fuel Theft
  • Vehicle fault codes

Beside your traditional ways of fleet management where the system is person dependent, Panache Telematics brings you blend of GPS / GPRS technology with industry vertical knowledge so as to give you less person dependent operations.

At Panache Telematics we understand needs and wants of this industry where special attention is given to Indian operational conditions considering behavior of Indian drivers, scarcity of drivers, tendency to siphon fuel for extra income, deviate original route for personal roads which leads to deterioration of service quality to end user.

This is need of today’s technology era, competition to go for advanced technology that allows you manage your fleet efficiently leading to end customer satisfaction, adherence to delivery schedule, edge over your competitors needless to say addition to your bottom line. Our solutions cater to fleet segments like Express cargo, Short route, Long route and specific operational needs of cement, coal, white goods, cash in transit, hazardous chemicals, Kerosene, Diesel, Petrol, LPG, CNG, Dairy Products, and Frozen Products etc.

Effects on bottom line of your business are:

  • Increase in Fleet Utilization by reducing the number of spare vehicles.
  • Saving in Fuel Consumption by reducing unauthorized travel kilometer (personal trips, wrong routing etc.)
  • By reduction in stoppages and idling, increase adherence to original trip plan
  • Safety – reduce maintenance bills, driving accidents/damage.
  • Reduce voice communication with driver.

Fleet Management with OBD II

Panache Telematics provides a turn-key solution for fleet management companies, simply plug our OBDII tracking device into the car/truck/bus and then open our tracking website www.panachetelematics.com, you will be able to see:

  • Real time and historical location of your vehicles
  • Fuel consumption and mileage calculation
  • Driving behavior including speeding, over RPM, hard deceleration/acceleration, idle engine alarm and geo-fencing alarm
  • Vehicle status including low voltage alarm, high engine temperature alarm, engine fault code recording, etc.

Effects on bottom line of your business are:

  • Increase in Fleet Utilization by reducing the number of spare vehicles.
  • Saving in Fuel Consumption by reducing unauthorized travel kilometer (personal trips, wrong routing etc.)
  • By reduction in stoppages and idling, increase adherence to original trip plan
  • Safety – reduce maintenance bills, driving accidents/damage.
  • Reduce voice communication with driver.

Trucking Solutions Highlights

  1. Tree Structure login rights for different management levels, product categories, geographical area.
  2. Consignment live fleet tracking for goods delivery through manifest generation, forward and reverse logistic management, Bar-code based deliver tracking.
  3. Geo-Fence based reporting to operate your operations adhering to predefine path / time.
  4. Remote immobilization of vehicle unauthorized use if detected.
  5. The Safety Analytics feature in Panache Telematics Trucking empowers fleet managers to receive insight into vehicle safety based on key performance metrics and recorded events, such as speeding.
  6. The simple interface allows users to select and display key measures—such as a vehicle’s total stops or travel distance, enabling them to cut down on unnecessary vehicle use, fuel waste, repair costs and more.
  7. Convert reports into easy-to-read charts with a single click.

Taxi Management/Emergency Solutions

  • Standalone Solution for large fleet operators
  • Web based solution for small operators

When it comes to taxi management system using our team’s vast Indian experience we have developed Taxi Dispatch System (TDS). The Solution comprises of standalone for large number of cabs and web based solution for small cab numbers.

We provide end to end control room TDS solution comprising of call centre module, Tracking dispatch module, customized Taxi dispatch module as per the business requirements. Last but not least, MIS reporting module, to extract desired reports.

New generation Android OS based Mobile data terminal having facilities like driver login / Logout, trip start / end, internal fare & odometer, Taxi fare meter driver panic switch etc.

Android, iOS based customer application to book a car in short time without calling call center.

 Features :

  • Real time tracking for customer.
  • Call taker, dispatcher, supervisor terminal / console with IVRS integration.
  • Application for airport or remote location booking.
  • MIS reports such as total revenue, driver revenue, cab revenue, driver login, logout, call center employee login / logout, zone wise cab availability report.
  • Customizable bidding norms.
  • Cab display coded with colors as per status say available, on duty, logged out etc.
  • History tracking for all cabs.
  • SMS / Email feature on booking cab, cab allotted, cab reached, journey completed with fare.
  • Call centre module supports ease of handling large no. of calls.
  • CLI based customer information history pop-up for call taker.
  • Automated dispatch of cabs with facility of manual dispatch.
  • Detailed report of call taker executives.

Personal Tracking

Personal GPS tracker for kids, single lady travelling at odd hours, senior citizens, mentally retarded.

Considering crime scenario across India which emphases on need of solutions, this can be used easily during panic situations resolution. Please note this solution is not for intruding in personal life of your beloved one but to give you peace of mind by knowing your connected to those you love most.

Salient features:

  1. Light weight attractive hardware (Wrist watch).
  2. SOS (Panic feature) with predefined nos.
  3. Two way voice communication.
  4. Automatic call pickup in panic mode as per customer requirement.

School Management Software

Panache Telematics provide the complete hosted school management software for children’s security and safety purpose. This software for school management is available in RFID and has different types of users like Administrator, Teacher and Parents.

Software Features:

  1. Online Tracking
  2. Travel History
  3. RFID
  4. SMS alerts
  5. Online Attendance
  6. Over Speed Buzzer Alert
  7. SOS Alert
  8. Rash driving reports
  9. Geo fencing
  10. Speed violation reports
  11. Start and stop reports


For more info and support, contact us!

201-B,Raheja Plaza 1,L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar(W).Mumabi-400086

+91 22 25007502, +91 9869932001